Why I Work Here by Brendan Halstead

Why do you work at Paradigm? This is a question I’ve been asked numerous times over the years and my answer has always been the same; it’s more than a company, it’s a family. I know what you’re thinking, “how cliché”, but hear me out.

My journey at Paradigm started 9 years ago, when I was put in touch with the company through an old friend of mine. I knew nothing about Market Research or that this space even existed. I interviewed with Sima, Cyrus, and Robert, and thankfully they took a chance on a kid from upstate New York with very limited professional experience. I promptly moved down to Queens and from day 1 the three of them treated me like family. During my first or second week my living room setup became a topic of discussion. At that point it consisted of a folding chair, a desk lamp, a television sitting on the floor, and a Rubbermaid tub that acted as a coffee table. After the initial shock wore off, Robert graciously offered me some of his unused furniture that had been in storage. I of course said yes and couldn’t coordinate a pickup time fast enough. A few days later, Sima and Cyrus donated some of their unused furniture as well and even delivered the pieces to my apartment! Watch out Homes & Gardens, I was in business!

I tell this story because it captures the type of people Sima, Cyrus, and Robert are and the culture they’ve established at Paradigm. It’s more than just free furniture or company events, it’s about genuinely caring about their employees on a personal level first and foremost and that is the reason why I work here.

P.S. I have since purchased new furniture.