Introduction to our New Blog Series

Introduction to our New Blog Series

by Adam Jolley


Every day I do the LinkedIn scroll just like everyone else. Sometimes there is terrific news about new hires, acquisitions, and promotions. Every so often there is the doom of a layoff or exploring of new opportunities. But consistently, the most common posts are direct or soft sells. These posts can be as hard as “we’re lowering everyone’s costs with the highest quality” or as soft as “here we grow again” that primarily focus on the goods and processes of a company you should be sprinting to give your money to.


Not so common are posts about company culture. I’m not talking about “we had catered cookies at the office today” or “Pajama Friday”.  Those are gimmicks used as escapes. I’m talking about “I currently love and will continue to work somewhere because of a reason outside of a paycheck or non-compete.” That’s a harsh sentence...but common.


Culture has become a bit of a catchphrase used as currency for HR departments. But culture is action and an understanding of goals and objectives and a unified vision on how you’re going to get there. Culture is the reason people start at a company and the barometer of why they stay (purposefully using barometer because it measures pressure.)


For this reason, we’re introducing this blog series called “Why I Work Here.” The idea is to showcase the people executing your objectives, to help you hit your goals...rather than how great our stuff is. I’ve got conversion rates and quality metrics for days, but truth is – you’re ultimately putting your trust in someone here at Paradigm to help you win the day, month, or quarter. We want to show why they trust and believe in the culture of Paradigm, so that you can eventually trust and believe beyond being a client number in the ledger.

Adam Jolley
EVP + General Manager Americas

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