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Company Overview Corporate Paradigm
Company Overview Corporate Paradigm

Company Overview

Paradigm was founded on the idea that there were new and untried ways to provide access to hard-to-reach audiences to support consumer and B2B research. Since 2009, we have been providing real-time market research, giving leading companies a strong foundation to support all types of business and marketing decisions. Our pioneering spirit and commitment to our clients’ needs have driven substantial growth resulting in double-digits year-over-year in revenue increases since our inception.

Led by industry experts, Paradigm has established itself as one of the most innovative online research and data collection companies in the market today. We are at the heart of research and online data collection in our industry.

Paradigm offers access to millions of highly profiled consumers including low incidence groups and an array of hard to get audiences. On top of our proprietary panel, we engage a strong partner network, proven, innovative methods, and cross-platform technologies to optimize our research performance. This has helped our online Consumer and B2B panels evolve into one of the most reliable and comprehensive research resources in the industry. Market research companies and others who partner with us have nearly instant access to our exclusive supply of hard-to-reach consumer and B2B audiences, including moms, millennials, and international audiences.

We provide high-quality, customizable
market research solutions.

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Corporate Paradigm | Our Founding Principles


  • Proven sampling methodology
  • Project tracking and custom project support
  • Permission-based respondents
  • Leaders in global online data collection
  • Extensive ad-hoc supplier database
  • Global operational excellence
  • 24×7 coverage


  • Decades of experience
  • Dedicated teams, aligned by account
  • Consultative and collaborative approach
  • Trusted advisors, providing full-service market research, technology, consulting and operations services
  • Paradigm Innovation Lab, delivering innovation as a product


  • Continuous innovation
  • Client-focused approach
  • Real-time global panel reach
  • Integrated world-class API suite
  • Custom .NET and Java development & integration
  • Industry-leading, proprietary solutions: VeraProof Quality & Security Suite PS-DI Platform

The Paradigm Sample Team

Robert Gray

Founder and COO

Sima Vasa

Founder and Advisor

Cyrus Deyhimi


Adam Jolley


Judy Morson

Senior Vice President, Access

Steve Danziger

Senior Vice President, Paradigm Innovation Labs

Natasha Braun

Vice President of Client Development

Aaron Walton

Vice President of Client Development

Ginger DeStefano

Vice President of Client Service

Rajbir Singh Bisht

Managing Director, India | Vice President

Suzanne Hasbrouck

Vice President of Research Operations Solutions

Brendan Halstead

Vice President of Account Management

André Facey

Head of Partner Supply Relationships

Mark Rasmussen

Director of Product Automation

Ashley Howard

Senior Panel Manager

Nick Banu

Director of Supply & Access

Yolanda Robustelli

Director, Client Services

Melina Picone

Director of Finance

Rakesh Krishnan

Project Manager of Information Technology

Predrag Krstić

Lead Senior Software Developer - Tellwut

Darko Sucurovic

Software Development Manager – Tellwut