Paradigm Solutions

Why Paradigm?
Why Paradigm?

Why Paradigm?

Paradigm is a full-service market research solutions provider with collaborative solutions to meet your business needs. Our clients enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Global panel access
  • Advanced market research technology
  • Continuous innovation
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Passionate and dedicated team
  • High-quality data and insights
  • Full-service market research solutions
  • Decades of industry experience

Collaborative Solutions

Collaborative. Consultative. Customizable.

Data, statistics and analytics are at the heart of market research. However, people, creativity and relationships are equally important. At Paradigm, we bring a personal approach to market research services, partnering with our clients to understand their needs and develop collaborative solutions. We take the time to get to know your business and understand your requirements, and we have the freedom to be flexible in the services we provide. Whether you need full project management support, or a single service to support your market research, we are ready to help.

Collaborative Solutions Corporate Paradigm
Collaborative Solutions Corporate Paradigm

Global Access

Global Access. Targeted Reach.
Global Access. Targeted Reach.
Global Access. Targeted Reach.


Global Access. Targeted Reach.

Every day, businesses are making multi-million-dollar decisions based on market research data—so it’s important that your sample accurately reflects your target market. Paradigm connects brands and agencies with the right people for their survey needs. Our proprietary panel provides our clients with instant access to over 40 million pre-screened consumers and B2B professionals who are eager to voice their opinions, and actively engaged through our Tellwut platform. In addition to our proprietary panel, we also work with an extensive network of trusted partners, expanding our sample base to provide the right resources for any study.

B2B Panel

At Paradigm, we recognize how crucial the voice of B2B professionals is to support complicated business decisions. Our B2B panel connects your business with the right people to meet your market research needs. We consult with every client, and approach sampling with creativity and connectivity. Paradigm has developed a wide network of partnerships to engage real B2B professionals around the world, addressing important nuances while fulfilling large sample sizes. We continually screen B2B panels to guarantee they meet our stringent standards and qualifications. Our reach includes specialty B2B audiences, including but not limited to: Information Technology Decision Makers (ITDMs), Business Decision Makers, Financial Decision Makers, Small Business Owners, Healthcare Professionals, and Human Resource Managers.

Consumer Panel

Our clients benefit from near-instant access to our qualified, motivated global consumer panel, powered by the Tellwut platform. Tellwut, a Paradigm company, is an online survey platform that allows organizations and individuals to quickly and easily distribute surveys to qualified members of the Tellwut community. The platform includes a social media site with daily questions and available surveys, and a point-based reward system which allows members to earn gift cards or PayPal deposits when they reach point thresholds. Diverse users on Tellwut include consumers in targeted groups like moms, millennials, pet owners, automobile owners, and patients. Our Tellwut panel is augmented by our Global Partner Network, which connects clients to over 40 million additional users through an integrated application programming interface (API). We continuously augment our profiling points to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Data Quality

Stronger data. Better insights.

Bots. Fraudsters. Bad actors. Duplicative results. All of these can negatively impact your survey results, diluting your data—and all are addressed with VeraProof, Paradigm’s proprietary data verification technology. VeraProof automatically checks survey data against 30 different touchpoints, screens for 40 attributes, and scores results against 14 points for fraud detection. We employ bot detection, check fraud databases, employ algorithms, and test respondent behaviors against various challenging scenarios, using rotating attention checks, consistency, red herrings, traps, grids, open-end questions, and more. The result is clean data that meets quality standards, and ensures accurate sampling results.

Stronger data. Better insights.
Stronger data. Better insights.
Stronger data. Better insights.

VeraProof breaks down data quality threats into three main types:

  • Bots
  • Real people intentionally committing fraud
  • Real people who do not meet survey qualifications, or are unengaged

Purity at the top of the funnel is the first step towards a healthy sample flow, so we begin addressing these threats even before surveys are distributed, during the recruitment of quality panelists and partner panels. Once panelists begin the online survey process, the VeraProof Security Suite thoroughly screens each individual using a multi-layered approach that combines best-in-breed internal and partner solutions to fortify our in-the-moment defenses against each of the categories of threats mentioned above.

As part of the VeraProof process, our respondents are validated against a series of programmatic checks, including but not limited to deduplication, fingerprinting, geo-location checks, and a series of predictive fraud identification algorithms, all evaluated in a matter of seconds and prior to setting foot in the survey environment. When a respondent has passed these checks, a further layer of vetting occurs through the Paradigm Fitness Test, a non-intrusive screener presenting a simulated survey environment that contains attention, trap, and open-end response analysis, to provide the Paradigm stamp of engagement approval before panelists are sent into
your survey.

Last but not least, we believe in an approach that is not fixed, but evolving. Sample diligence is a moving target, and we are consistently working to advance our solutions. In November of 2018, we created Paradigm Innovation Labs to formalize our process, drive efficiency, and offer innovation as a product.

Improve accuracy in your sample results.

Working Together to Solve Your Problems

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Dynamic Questionnaire Capabilities

Effective questionnaires. Engaged respondents.
Effective questionnaires. Engaged respondents.

Effective questionnaires. Engaged respondents.

You need accurate, meaningful data to develop the insights that will move your brand or business forward—but you don’t have the time to develop survey questions, program a questionnaire, and manage the survey process. We get it, and we’re ready to help. Our research team has in-depth experience with industry-leading survey programming platforms, and can accommodate even the most complex surveys. We also know that an engaging survey experience produces better data quality. Our survey programming, translation and data processing services are designed to save you time, and provide more value for your market research spend.

Paradigm works alongside clients to develop surveys for programming. Our consultative approach allows us to customize surveys and services to meet your needs, balancing user experience with desired survey results. Available 24/7 to meet your needs, our responsive team is ready to assist with your next survey project.

Save time. Improve survey quality.

Technology Driven
Project Management

Market Research, Optimized.

As a market research professional, you need to find the right people for your survey, collect data with accuracy, complete your research in a timely manner, and organize your project effectively and efficiently. The Paradigm Digital Insights Platform (PS-DI) makes it easy to manage every aspect of market research, from bidding and feasibility, to project management, to longitudinal data management. Backed by powerful Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure and equipped with an easy-to-use application (API) programming interface, PS-DI brings security, technology and simplicity together, into a comprehensive business intelligence platform.

Market Research, Optimized.

PS-DI is a proprietary, all-inclusive sample management platform curated by Paradigm’s team of industry experts, and equipped with powerful API-driven technology. The platform comprises three integrated modules:

  • Bidding and Feasibility
  • Client and Vendor Management
  • Paradigm Project Management Gateway
  • Access to 40 million+ global respondents in 40 countries
  • No hidden fees
  • Better quality data through programmatic data collection
  • Seamless project management
  • Next-generation business intelligence tools to identify potential fielding obstacles and keep projects on track

Optimize project management with PS-DI.