Why I Work Here by Suchi Thomas

Special Series: Why I Work Here by Suchi Thomas

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. So be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.” I recently came across this quote – it made me smile and inspired me to face challenges head-on since they will only make me stronger.

Prior to joining Paradigm Sample, I worked as a new graduate in the corporate sector for six months after being laid off once in 2016-2017, because of India’s demonetization. Since then, I’ve always been eager to learn. I joined Paradigm with the goal of learning new things through my career. I started here as an MR analyst and after three months, I was transferred from the MR department to the Project Management division as an Associate Project Manager.

As an Associate Project Manager, I was given numerous opportunities to solve problems that arose during fielding projects and would discuss those solutions with the Paradigm hierarchy heads. They always encouraged me to think outside the box and come up with solutions, and they always directed me to focus on the solution first, rather than the problem, which allowed me to think from a variety of perspectives.

Within a short period of time, Paradigm’s leaders promoted me from Associate Project Manager to Team Lead of the PM Department. The amount of support I have received from Paradigm, as well as my team members on how to be a leader by putting me in diverse contexts has shaped me to be a dependable team leader and support system for my colleagues. There were a few Paradigm mentors who helped me build my confidence and stand tall in each of my accomplishments.

If my colleagues or I have a problem, Paradigm will not let us bear the entire burden; instead, they will work with us to find the best solution. It’s one of the key attributes I’ve noticed in Paradigm that keeps me motivated to continue to work for them.

Paradigm Executive Leadership members always try to understand their employees’ career goals and help them grow in their career further, so they understood mine as well. This led me to explore my options with the Paradigm Innovation Labs as a Business Analyst, where I could witness and be a part of cutting-edge technological advancements developed within Paradigm Sample to ensure we provide quality services to our clients. This was a significant career shift for me. Paradigm has always been supportive of my efforts to advance in my career and learn as much as possible.

The trust and support I receive from Paradigm, I have not received from any of my academic institutions. In terms of instilling high moral values to present myself as a good human being, with a sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards their work environment, I consider Paradigm Sample to be my Alma Mater. And I will be eternally grateful to everyone I have met through this organization.