Why I Work Here by Josu Thomas

Special Series: Why I Work Here by Josu Thomas

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ― Marie Curie

Marie Curie is famous for being a pioneer in developing radiation therapy for cancer treatment. However, the roadblocks she had to encounter to get to where she was then were never emphasized. Being a woman, she had her own challenges, such as being unable to attend university in her Polish homeland during the Russian Empire.  Such irony that Russia is an impediment to global growth even today!

If I gave you a glimpse into my life, you might not see the same astonishing accomplishments that Marie Curie achieved, but I am one of the fortunate many who has outgrown conventional standards in a different era.

It was always a requirement for the family’s oldest daughter to maintain the family dignity. It worked out well when it came to doing better in competitive exams and landing a job as an engineer in an MNC. That was until the “sole purpose” of life began to creep into my thoughts, prodding me to find more value in myself, where my existence makes a difference, and where my skills can have an impact on those around me.

For a woman of colour, pivoting my career path and starting over from scratch, by travelling to a different country at the time was a risky option. However, with half-acceptance from my parents and great backing from my sister, I completed my Masters in the foreign land with flying colours. I fantasized about the heights I could reach, as a fresh mind out of B-school. COVID-19, on the other hand, had a different plan for humanity, and my class was the last to ever witness an in-class lecture and non-virtual convocation pre-COVID. Unemployment was at an all-time high, with many individuals on the verge of ruin – with much anxiety and desperation. As a migrant, I stood there seemingly unsure of what my journey would be and doubted my own decision to go on a new adventure.

While I was pushing my luck for a position with Paradigm Sample five months after graduation, little did I know that this organisation and the people working here, would become the angel investors in my market research career. It wasn’t a cake walk for a newbie to set foot in this evolving industry that changes even the fate of the Fortune 100 companies, influencing the decision makers. I received my employee badge after eight interviews and formal introductions with the company’s key executives across the globe.

The more inquisitive I am, the more intrigued I became with the nitty-gritty of the organisation’s services and products. Paradigm Sample has wowed me with its ability to integrate AI-based technologies into data collection and its invention of an Enterprise solution for business processes. The people and culture they have built through their decade-plus in the MR space are the most valuable elements that create a safe haven for any employee or client in need of support. When co-founder, Sima Vasa, established the Women Empowerment program within the organisation, to help which prepare Paradigm women to lift their heads high and become self-advocates, my journey with Paradigm Sample became even more rewarding.

Paradigm, in my personal experience, embraces each individual and looks to meet their needs, providing all the tools to excel in your area of expertise. As a result of this, I was privileged enough to be sponsored by the company to participate in the WiRe Exec Accelerate initiative that equips individuals with guided navigation for their personal and professional development.

I feel more embraced and encouraged because this organisation is the best fit for my upliftment.  What more could one want other than to plant your roots here and to work with experienced industry leaders and veterans in one place and learn & grow alongside like-minded people?