PARADIGM SAMPLE Connecting Clients to Real People

Paradigm Sample has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Company

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Consumer Panel and Access

Paradigm’s proprietary panel consists of 1MM+ consumers who are inquisitive and eager to voice their opinions–– located globally, motivated to participate in traditional and non-traditional online studies.

Paradigm has a heightened focus on Moms, Pet owners, Millennials and diverse profiled general consumer targets, such as people with Ailments, Automobile ownership, etc. We continuously augment our profiling points to meet our clients' ever-changing needs.

Business to Business

At Paradigm, we recognize how crucial the voice of B2B professionals is to support complicated business decisions. It requires consultation and creativity to connect with the right people when required. Paradigm has created exclusive partnerships to engage real B2B professionals and addressing nuances while fulfilling large sample sizes. Paradigm continually screens B2B panels globally to guarantee they meet our stringent standards and qualifications. Our reach includes specialty B2B audiences. Professionals including but not limited to: ITDMs (Information Technology Decision Makers), Business Decision Makers, Financial Decision Makers, Small Business Owners, Healthcare Professionals and Human Resource Managers.


Paradigm is a technology-focused online research company. We continue to develop and refine proven, innovative methods and cross-platform technologies to optimize our research performance.