Aaron Walton – Winston

Aaron Walton - Winston

Vice President of Business Development Q: How did Winston get his name? My kids liked the idea of alliteration since our last name is Walton, but also the nickname possibilities (Win, Winnie, Winnie Pooh, Mister Winston, etc). I like to think I secretly pushed the name through to honor a great player for my beloved…

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Arun Yadav – Bubbles

Arun Yadav - Bubbles

GETTING TO KNOW US Arun Yadav Customer Success Manager Q: How did you name your fish?A: My son named him!Q: What’s his favorite food?A: Bubbles really enjoys eating peas (with the shells removed) and boiled vegetables.Q: What’s your funniest memory with Bubbles?A: Occasionally, he jumps out of the tank trying to eat food.Q: How does…

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Suzanne Hasbrouck – Munna

Suzanne Hasbrouck - Munna

GETTING TO KNOW US Suzanne Hasbrouck Executive Director of Account Management and Research A: She actually hides while I’m working in my home office, as 6 of her “siblings” are always in the office with me.

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Steve Danziger – Rhaegar

Steve Danziger - Rhaegar

GETTING TO KNOW US Steve Danziger Vice President, Paradigm Innovation Labs Q: How did Rhaegar get his name?  A: He is the “Prince who was promised.”Q: What’s your favorite thing to do together?A: #SundayRhae photo shoots for the IG, of course.Q: What’s something special about Rhae?  A: His sixth sense awareness of when you need…

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Jon Seliman – Rikki

Jon Seliman - Rikki

GETTING TO KNOW US Jon Seliman Executive Director of MR Operations A: Been working remotely for a while now, even before the events that changed the world in 2020 and after we adopted Rikki, working from home changed. My wife works from the office so before I was all day alone in front of my…

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Robert Gray – Lorenzo & Griffin

Robert Gray - Lorenzo & Griffin

GETTING TO KNOW US Robert Gray Founder & Chief Operating Officer Q: How did you find Griffin & Lorenzo?A: Both are rescue dogs – Griffin came from Missouri to me in CA and Lorenzo from NJ to me in CT.Q: What’s something special about them?A: Griffin is literally an Angel and super friendly – he…

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Steph Smelewski – George

Steph Smelewski - George

GETTING TO KNOW US Steph Smelewski Product Manager Q: How did George get his name?A: The first time I held him when he was only 4 weeks old, I just knew he was a George! I love when animals have human names, especially when they have a big personality to go along with it.Q: What’s…

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