Cyrus Deyhimi - CEO, Paradigm Sample

Welcome back everybody. Happy 2023!

For me and I’m sure at least some others, the first major workday (Thank you to those that worked on the weekend and the last couple of days) of the new year is always symbolic.  It’s not just another long weekend.  It’s a new beginning, a fresh start, a time for goal setting, exciting plans both personally and professionally – no matter how gloomy and rainy the weather is outside – as it is here in Port Washington, NY. 

I’m not suggesting we should all make resolutions as we head into the new year but let’s take a single minute or two to reflect about 2022 and dream about 2023 at a minimum sometime over the next couple of weeks (for those that of course have not done it yet – I know I am planning on doing that next weekend) before we get too deep into the throws of the new year. Last year as some of you may know, was another successful year for Paradigm. It is something to be proud of and it could not have been accomplished without our (clients, partners, employees, and shareholders) collective force working together day-in and day-out.

Most importantly, I’d like to welcome the new year and the collective getting back together to make the impossible – possible.  As one of my favorite running coaches says about running, we can apply as a philosophy to 2023 – Run with Joy!

Cyrus Deyhimi – CEO, Paradigm Sample