The Paradigm Sample Promise of Relentless Delivery

The Paradigm Sample Promise of Relentless Delivery

As with any project, fast, accurate pricing & feasibility during the bid phase is imperative. But it is the total team commitment to end-to-end project success that staves off potential project pitfalls and delivers great quality. During the fielding phase, professional project managers know that follow-through from trusted partners is the backbone of delivering clients’ projects on time and on budget. That is why our Paradigm Sample team doesn’t only start strong; we promise relentless delivery.

The world of online research moves quickly. Quality data needs to be curated at the speed of modern life to help clients make decisions that have a true business impact. So whether your bid requirements include consumer demographic specifications like pet owners, millennials, specific automobile owners, or a harder-to-reach business professional with specific expertise, our proprietary sample panel can be accessed. Our team of sample experts means this panel of over 1MM+ engaged respondents can be quickly queried and matched to your survey to ensure project success.

What is the Paradigm Sample Difference?

With so many sample providers and aggregators to choose from, the question “Why Paradigm?” is a fair one. Too often we are contacted when a competing vendor has over-promised and under-delivered. While our team has stepped in many times to rescue a project that has been abandoned due to low incidence or failure to meet quotas on “best efforts”, the more ideal experience is to allow us to build a long-term relationship. We can deliver on the Paradigm Sample promise from the beginning of a project and steer clear of those common sample provisioning pitfalls.

From project start to finish, we provide a constant flow of communication to project managers – understanding that as the center of the project they always need to be kept in the loop and informed of any potential challenges and breakthroughs. To fully understand the Paradigm Sample difference, we break the project down into stages from bidding, project management, and lastly our support through technology systems.

Bidding Accuracy

Whether it be a quick feasibility query or an in-depth RFP, bidding accuracy is imperative. Project requirements can also morph unexpectedly during the start-up phase, and a delay in bidding can mean a delay in serious project timeline compression later.  Bidding accuracy keeps projects moving forward. Our team understands what it takes to get momentum going, and once it is going, keep it in motion.

Project Management

Beyond security measures, the research needed to be defensible to the client’s internal teams. They needed to feel confident in bringing the voice of the customer to their stakeholders to mitigate risks and drive smart business decisions. Paradigm Sample’s research design included qualitative aspects such as open-end questions and video submissions to help tell the story of the research results. Participants described their reactions to the media presented, touching on the aspects that did (and did not) resonate with them. These stories formed an impactful highlight reel to guide the program’s go-to-market strategy.

Support Through Tech

Innovations in technology have been changing the landscape of the sample industry. The Paradigm Sample team has heavily invested to take every aspect of a project from bidding standards to project management; recruiting automation and quality controls into one system. This is how we deliver end-to-end field management for our clients. This new platform creates consistency with intuitive dashboards for contact management, vendor management, bid management, tracking analytics, and more.

While the speed this provides on the front end with quicker feasibility and pricing delivery, the proactive alerts are what keeps a project on track. But even with this speed, data quality is not being sacrificed. The updated security and fraud prevention modules address concerns about online research fraud. This attention to security and quality is the driving force behind our relentless delivery – allowing your team to come through for your clientele.

It is our investment in our people and our technology in the right balance that makes operational excellence achievable. Our relentless pursuit of delivering high-quality data to meet research needs and ultimately inform critical business decisions is the essence of the Paradigm Sample brand promise. Find out why so many trust our expert team to deliver project success.

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