Paradigm Sample Partners with SampleChain to Further Enhance Data Quality Management

OCTOBER 2020, PORT WASHINGTON, NY: Paradigm Sample has entered into a partnership with SampleChain, a data quality platform, to ensure data integrity by protecting against bots, fraud, and malicious actors in the Market Research ecosystem.


Paradigm will integrate SampleChain’s /SEARCH and /REVIEW fraud prevention services, adding to its current security suite which includes Veraproof™, Real Answer and Relevant ID.  This integration will provide access to industry leading technologies in Fraud Protection, Digital Fingerprinting and Text Analytics. Paradigm’s traffic will also be monitored by rigorous machine learning applications, including regression techniques to help analyze past respondent behavior and feature-engineering to ensure, in real-time, that respondents are unique and engaged.


When asked about the integration, Paradigm’s CEO, Cyrus Deyhimi said:  “We’re excited to work with SampleChain.  Samplechain will be an integral part of the Veraproof™ Security Suite”.


In the near future, Paradigm will also integrate SampleChain’s newly released /ACTIVITY endpoint, which tracks respondent activity across the Market Research ecosystem and further identifies bots and professional survey takers that are linked to high rates of toss outs and poor responses.


Vignesh Krishnan, CEO and Founder of SampleChain says: “Data Quality and Fraud Management require a high level of technical attention and customized work. We are so happy to be part of Paradigm Sample’s overarching strategy, and provide the technical infrastructure that moves the data quality needle forward. We look forward to our continued partnership with Paradigm Sample”.



Paradigm Sample, based in Port Washington, New York, founded by Sima Vasa and Robert Gray is an industry recognized market research solutions company that provides access to high-quality sample and a suite of services including: producing technology solutions, survey design, programming, hosting, data analysis, and reporting.

SampleChain is a data quality platform that helps the research industry attain high levels of data quality standards. SampleChain uses machine learning and rules-based technologies to help identify fraudulent data sets, respondents and bots. SampleChain uses millions of data points to analyze a respondent’s activity in order to predictively detect the likelihood of fraud in real time. SampleChain is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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