Keeping Tabs on the Industry While Still Getting Things Done

Keeping Tabs on the Industry While Still Getting Things Done

Few industries today are not facing some sort of disruption. We live in a world of constant change and business innovation. The amount of media and technology can be overwhelming, and those large waves of change create smaller ripples that affect even the most niche of industries.
While some market research methodologies remain unchanged, implementation has drastically transformed. We know that the qualitative world has experienced deep disruption, disrupted even further by a global pandemic. But even before Coronavirus, online focus groups and video shop-a-longs were growing, while remotely completed IDIs and ethnographers were increasing in demand.
In the quantitative market research world, MarTech seems to be changing on a regular basis. Innovations on streamlining the market research process and driving more targeted, better-engaged respondents through our surveys, panels and online communities are being developed daily.
While trade conferences serve to help keep our finger on the pulse of the research industry, the time to travel or even to attend online summits can be difficult to manage. The modern dilemma is a case of too much information and not enough time to sort out what is essential. But with new trends and new start-ups emerging all the time – and new team members who may not know the value of the basics – you cannot afford to lose touch.
Whether you have five minutes or an hour to spare, we have compiled a helpful list of ways you can use your time wisely to keep up on the ever-changing market research industry.


Stuck on hold? Waiting on a latecomer for a meeting?
Here is what you can do with five minutes:


GreenBook is a passionate supporter of research start-ups and your go-to place to understand the implications of new trends. They post new content every day, but when pressed for time, the sidebar has a new feature highlighting their most popular articles.


Just want the facts? MRWeb’s daily news update is the best way of keeping “in the know” about mergers, moves, launches, and even company results. It is not image-driven, but delivers the facts, plain and simple. Again, start with the handy sidebar of popular content.


Bob Lederer’s Research Business Daily Report has been running since 2012, posting five-minute videos four times a week, zeroing in on one research trend or story and pushing his interviewees for practical advice.


In five minutes? Yes! Kevin Duncan’s Greatest Hits site has been expertly filleting business books for over a decade, turning their insights into the crispiest and most useful nuggets, and compiling them into bestsellers of his own. Are they a substitute for the real thing? No – but by getting the top lines you will be able to keep up with the conversation and identify the real must-reads.

What you can do in 30 minutes


Can you carve out 30 minutes per week for something more tangible?
Here are some ideas to get you started:


The last couple of years have seen a flowering of research-themed podcasts; a perfect accompaniment to a run or commute. While blog posts and short videos are a great way of understanding fresh ideas, podcasts provide the opportunity to virtually sit down with industry thought leaders.

Data Gurus Podcast

Sima Vasa’s Data Gurus gives you a 30-minute interview with a mover and shaker about industry trends.

Happy Market Research Podcast

Jamin Brazil’s podcast, Happy Market Research, brings you lively chats with some of research’s brightest voices.

The R.I.D.E

Want something totally new? Check out Adam Jolley and Adam Dietrich’s The R.I.D.E. (Research Innovation Discussion Exchange).


Conferences are great for networking but eat up time. But what about virtual conferences? The New MR organization has been running them for a decade, bringing researchers from around the world together. Their 20-minute presentations span a wide (and wild!) range of topics that all present a strong point of view.


Social media can be a complete time sink, but there are thriving discussion groups dedicated to the insights and research industry. You might have to pan for gold a little before you find nuggets, but taking 20 minutes to dip into the hottest topics can be a great way of finding out what peers and competitors are thinking about right now. Start with the Quirk’s Group, set up by one of the leading industry publications and boasting 50,000+ members.


LinkedIn is a great place to boost your industry profile by creating a post yourself. Maybe an article seems like too big of an endeavor, but asking a great question or sharing a brief tidbit of learning can be a highly time-effective way of showing you are on top of things and can be a great conversation starter.

What you can do in 60 minutes


Ready to challenge yourself, engage with thought leadership,
AND be heard above the noise?


Free eBooks used to be synonymous with shallow sales pitches, but quality is improving thanks in part to the Insight Platforms site. This portal with over 800 digital research suppliers has a strong selection of downloadable white papers on topics like sentiment analysis, recall and mobile qualitative work.


Keeping up with the latest trends is important, but many instances call for a return to the basics. Teaching junior staffers and learning new skills for cross-team learning calls for the Ipsos Encyclopedia

. This resource includes clear definitions of core concepts. Challenge yourself or simply expose gaps in industry knowledge with this great volume.

Both GreenBook’s twice-yearly GRIT Report and ESOMAR’s annual State of the Industry Report* are heavy, but extremely useful reads. GRIT focuses on what is hot, new, and innovative while having great industry commentary with a nod to bright, upcoming talent. ESOMAR gives the facts and figures on research worldwide. Neither are a quick read, but both are vital overviews and reward any attention you can spare them.

*You will need to be an ESOMAR member to get their reports for free. 



Ready for a fun way to spend an hour? Drop in to one of the irregular #MrxChat events hosted on Twitter by Jake Pryzslak (@Jake_pryszlak). Contribute your own answers to topical questions or browse attendees’ input.


Virtual meetups are becoming more common. The best market research networking starts with WIRe (Women In Research), which has always been free to join. They boast office hours, mentorship.