3 Ways Paradigm Sample Delivers a Competitive Edge

3 Ways Paradigm Sample Delivers a Competitive Edge

Every industry is facing disruption. It is no secret that professionals are being asked to do more with less and on tighter deadlines. In response to economic realities, teams either constrict or expand and both can cause confusion and delays. Having a large team often means members are specialized, which can offer greater expertise, but creates more siloing of knowledge. When the team constricts, confusion may happen around roles which can lead to job duplication or details falling through the cracks.
Technology in the market research space has helped get more done with less and helps teams communicate better along the way, but technology does not solve all the issues that disruption presents. What has not changed is the pressure leadership feels about growing accounts, meeting sales projections, and delivering projects on time for client satisfaction.
Getting a quantitative market research project in field and effectively managed can be tricky. Projects that include several internal and external client stakeholders make the need for clear communication imperative. What is needed is vendors who can provide quick turnarounds, proactively deal with potential problems, and keep the focus on the quality of insights delivered.
Many projects reach the sample acquisition phase already behind schedule. Any slow movement once in field can add to project pressure and threaten time compression for other phases. Daily quota reports are helpful to keep your finger on the pulse of the project, but it does not give real direction about what to do with the in field incidence rate (IR) issues or possible solutions. Without an appropriate data set, no initial findings can be shown to the client as indicators of progress.
At Paradigm Sample, we know that the quality of sample dictates the quality of insights. But we also know that getting a project completed on time and on budget is equally important. Knowing you are focused on managing client expectations throughout the process, we find ways to not only deliver on the sample but deliver your competitive edge to keep the business and win more.

In this way, we do not see ourselves as a vendor, but as an extension of your team – working to deliver equally for the short term and the long term. Here are 3 fundamental commitments we make which fuel our market differentiation and deliver your competitive edge:


Being client-driven and client-focused means that your issues are our issues. We start with a full understanding of the project scope and set up the right data protocols on day one to make sure we know how to foresee potential problems. Of course, we provide updates once a project is in field, but more importantly, we employ critical thinking looking to anticipate issues and deal proactively with potential delays or changes in the IR.
Our experience in sourcing sample globally, programming surveys and monitoring completes gives us a unique view of your project from many angles. We know that dealing with issues as they arise is best done with total transparency so together, we can adjust in field to ensure the highest quality of work.


Our project managers are a critical part of client success. At Paradigm Sample, this role is staffed with highly organized individuals with research experience. We understand what is needed to make the best decisions for our clients is a project manager who understands the desired outcomes, the warning signs for incidence rate problems along with programmatic technology solutions.
Knowing when and how to parse the data and adjust is just as important as providing timely updates. It is a tough job, but one that is best done by someone who is not just relaying information but can quickly apply critical thinking skills to evaluate project progress qualitatively.


Internally, our team is focused on constant innovation. Our Programmers staff the Paradigm Sample Innovation Lab and evolve our technology by effectively listening to client feedback and concerns. Our proprietary VeraProof system ensures quality at the speed needed to keep projects on time and on budget with the richest insights possible from the study.
Within the industry we are known as innovation leaders. Our team is comprised of speakers, thought leaders, podcasters, and influencers. We know what challenges are facing insights professionals and we get deeper in the data to shine a light on the path forward. In this way, we are a part of important conversations about where the industry is growing and going.
Everyone is pressed for time and money. Researchers are being asked to do more with less without compromising data quality. In this environment, maintaining a competitive edge is the minimum required to successfully manage multiple priorities, keep current with many clients and keep track of projects at varying stages of completion. Finding a sample provider with the commitment to humanizing the data experience while providing world-class service and innovation is worth the effort. Find out for yourself while so many companies partner with Paradigm Sample for all their online research needs.