Arun Yadav – Bubbles

Arun Yadav - Bubbles

GETTING TO KNOW US Arun Yadav Customer Success Manager Q: How did you name your fish?A: My son named him!Q: What’s his favorite food?A: Bubbles really enjoys eating peas (with the shells removed) and boiled vegetables.Q: What’s your funniest memory with Bubbles?A: Occasionally, he jumps out of the tank trying to eat food.Q: How does…

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Suzanne Hasbrouck – Munna

Suzanne Hasbrouck - Munna

GETTING TO KNOW US Suzanne Hasbrouck Executive Director of Account Management and Research A: She actually hides while I’m working in my home office, as 6 of her “siblings” are always in the office with me.

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Steve Danziger – Rhaegar

Steve Danziger - Rhaegar

GETTING TO KNOW US Steve Danziger Vice President, Paradigm Innovation Labs Q: How did Rhaegar get his name?  A: He is the “Prince who was promised.”Q: What’s your favorite thing to do together?A: #SundayRhae photo shoots for the IG, of course.Q: What’s something special about Rhae?  A: His sixth sense awareness of when you need…

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Jon Seliman – Rikki

Jon Seliman - Rikki

GETTING TO KNOW US Jon Seliman Executive Director of MR Operations A: Been working remotely for a while now, even before the events that changed the world in 2020 and after we adopted Rikki, working from home changed. My wife works from the office so before I was all day alone in front of my…

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Robert Gray – Lorenzo & Griffin

Robert Gray - Lorenzo & Griffin

GETTING TO KNOW US Robert Gray Founder & Chief Operating Officer Q: How did you find Griffin & Lorenzo?A: Both are rescue dogs – Griffin came from Missouri to me in CA and Lorenzo from NJ to me in CT.Q: What’s something special about them?A: Griffin is literally an Angel and super friendly – he…

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Steph Smelewski – George

Steph Smelewski - George

GETTING TO KNOW US Steph Smelewski Product Manager Q: How did George get his name?A: The first time I held him when he was only 4 weeks old, I just knew he was a George! I love when animals have human names, especially when they have a big personality to go along with it.Q: What’s…

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